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Earning Your Trust

A loved one in need of home care, especially when no other family member is nearby, can feel frightened and vulnerable. Faced with the inability to take care of him or herself, whether temporary or permanent, this state of helplessness can be debilitating. Finding a Certified Home Health Aide, who is both dependable and competent, can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, VIP Care understands the difficulty in which families find themselves when searching for good, quality home care. The first priority is to give you and your loved ones a certain level of comfort - at all times. From the initial consultation to the ongoing service of providing unparalleled Home Care, the importance of establishing and maintaining your trust cannot be underestimated.

Our Staff Says it All

Working alongside VIP Care's talented Registered Nurses and Home Health Aides, our courteous staff members are eager to please. Whether your first language is English, Spanish, Russian, or another language, every VIP Care team player knows how to effectively communicate with all of our clients. Collectively, we all understand that nothing is more important than your loved one's well being. Individually, we treat your loved one as if he or she was our own family member - and it shows.

Why VIP Care

There are scores of New Jersey home care agencies from which to choose, yet none that can compete with VIP Care. Beginning with the vigorous hiring process and ending with the pleasant conclusion of your loved one's home health care needs, every detail has been thoroughly examined, giving you the highest degree of service possible.

VIP Care is characterized by:

  • Professional Skilled Nurses

  • Outstanding Certified Home Health Aides

  • Doctor / Nurse Communication

  • Multi-Lingual Assistance

  • Long and Short-Term Care

  • Exceptionally High Standards

  • State and Accredited

  • Fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Need More Reasons?

We invite you to compare our services to any other NJ home health care agency in the area. You will not find a more comprehensive care program, one that covers all the bases while providing exceptional customer service. At VIP Care, we make New Jersey home care comfortable.

For more information about home health care services, skilled nursing, please contact us.

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